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Who are we?

A Brotherhood

Some Men’s groups can be described as brotherhoods. There is an unquestionable bond forged between men under particular circumstances that can lead to the formation of these brotherhoods. This is most evident within units of our military. Shared hardship is one of the fundamental techniques military’s across the world use when training men to operate in teams. The relationships and sense of belonging created under these difficult conditions is unlike that found in other walks of life.

The Green Mile Movement applies many tried and tested military techniques as well as other pursuits to develop certain attributes in its members. Men of all backgrounds and all abilities. Important areas like; physical, mental strength, integrity, confidence, composure, perseverance and grit.

By creating a network of strong and well-orientated men in cities throughout the country, men who believe in respect, encouragement, discipline and hard work, we can improve the lives of not only those men, but also their families and communities, which is very much needed in a time like ours today. 

Community Interest Company

The Green Mile Movement is a registered CIC, Community Interest Company - meaning we have to be set up and run for the benefit of the community.

Fighter Jets, not Crop Dusters

We believe in being the best versions of ourselves as possible and achieve this through both mental and physical training. We don’t settle for the average crop duster, we stand out as the prime examples of modern men, the fighter jets.


We are one, and together we help each other to evolve. There is no ego, there is only support. Regardless of your abilities our brotherhood, along with our certified fitness instructors, will be able to turn you into a wolf - without the bite!

What Are We?

A Movement

How did this begin? What started in 2018 as a few random guys training calisthenics together has since grown into a brotherhood that meet every week to test ourselves physically. The sessions are free, but require members to meet in different locations each week in and around Cardiff and the surrounding mountains. All you will know is where, when and what to bring. You discover the ‘challenge’ when you arrive. All to be expected of you is to work hard and get involved. Leave with a sense of accomplishment and a stronger body and mind.

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All of our sessions are designed and delivered by former British soldiers who are now certified fitness professionals.

Chris Flynn, Founder

Christopher Flynn, the Founder of TGMM served for over 12 years in the UK military where he operated in various roles within the Airborne and Commando Forces on multiple oversees deployments. After leaving the forces and working around the world, Chris moved back to the UK in 2017 and through working as an Occupational Health Safety Security and Environmental Consultant he found concern with the state of men's physical and mental health and felt compelled to do something to help repair it. The Green Mile Movement was born as an extension of Chris' belief that all men (and women for that matter) should be capable to deal with and not crumble when faced with the difficulties of life and a way of achieving this is through arduous physical training and sacrifice.

Adam Davis, Co-Founder

Adam Davis is a former British soldier, now personal trainer and instructor for TGMM with a passion for fitness, personal development, and stoic philosophy . Starting at the age of 7, Adam boxed throughout his youth and teenage years with his competitive streak starting at the age of 12. Adam then went on to box in the Army. Now though, Adam lives in the valleys of South Wales with his fiancee and Son where he is working to improve the physical and mental health of as many men as possible. Adam's training now consists of, what he likes to call, 'raw primal abilities' - the abilities to protect himself, run with ease, control his body weight and most important of all, control his mind through stoic philosophies and meditation. Adam has joined Chris to ensure that The Green Mile Movement reaches as many people as possible, improving the lives of many through physical exercise and resilience development.

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Our Vision

We have very ambitious plans where we want to establish a Global movement, building the strength, confidence, and resilience of all men.

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Our Community

Community – the foundation of The Green Mile Movement.

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