Consistency is key when it comes to training and achieving your fitness goals. For example, 3 low intensity sessions per week is better than 1 high intensity thorough sessions. Also, training and exercise in general lifts moods and gives us more energy – so, the more that we can do it the better, yes? 

From my experience training partners can be great for increasing your consistency with training. We all have those days when we wake up for the gym but can’t get out of bed! “Oh well, no one will know I didn’t train.” Bed feels so good when we’re tired…yet we always regret not getting out of bed. 

However, it’s not just the mornings where out motivation can waiver. Finishing work it can sometimes be very tempting to go straight home, see he family and put our feet up. We all have those days. 

Having a training partner will help these feelings a lot. If you’ve planned with your training partner to meet at the gym at 0600 then getting out of bed that morning will be a lot easier, knowing that somebody will be waiting for you. 

Find a training partner and set your training times. This will help yourself and them. 


Something that I encounter every now and then is a drop in intensity. Training on your own, sessions become to familiar…and maybe too boring. Also, because we’re on our own we may entertain ourselves during rest periods with a bit of social media. 60 seconds of rest can easily turn into 3 minutes! 

However, if you have a training partner holding you accountable then you are less likely to get distracted with things other than training. Also, another handy tip is the ‘I-Go-You-Go’ Training method. Basically, I complete my set and and soon as I finish you start your set…and rinse & repeat.

Now, it’s not only with rest periods where a training partner can help. They can also help during a set by encouraging you to improve you form or increase your number of repetitions. Now I don’t mean screaming like an aggressive bodybuilder, I mean supporting each other and providing motivation. 


The more the merrier, right? Not quite with the gym. Too many people training together is just useless…unless it’s CrossFit. However, training with a partner is more fun. Especially if it’s somebody that you know outside of the gym. 

In conclusion there are not many negatives to training with a training partner. Just be aware of your rest periods. Often when I train with my brother we can spend multiple minutes between sets talking absolute rubbish!