Hi, I’m Adam, welcome to Father & Fit – my Fitness Blog, Parenting Blog, Lifestyle Blog, and suite of Healthy Recipes ✋🏻

I started Father&Fit initially to capture my fitness blogs, but also to start creating parenting blogs for our expectant first child.

I am please to announce that our first child has now been born, our little boy 😃💙 so, even though I initially focussed on fitness blogs and healthy recipes, I am now naturally putting in a lot more effort on parenting blogs – documenting our journey and lessons from pregnancy and beyond.

My fiancée and I have learnt a lot throughout pregnancy and these initial first few months, most of which I had to go out of my way to learn. So I am hoping that my parenting blogs will educate fathers to be in all aspects of pregnancy, labor, and everything that comes afterwards.

Also, quite frankly, with a newborn it is not just my fitness blogs that have taken a back step, my physical fitness has! It has been difficult to find the time to train around everything else, especially because I want to be an active Dad….playing a role in all of our sons activities and learning – from changing nappies to prepping bottles for feeding. I want to do it all.  

So, I really do hope that you find my blogs useful, whether your after fitness blogs, healthy recipes, guidance through my parenting blogs, keeping up to date with my lifestyle blogs, or EVERYTHING, I hope that you can find it here!

I hope that my parenting blogs can share some ideas and fun stories with you.

I am a full time employee in the Water Industry, On-Call Firefighter and business owner/entrepreneur! (Like most entrepreneurs these days….I’m still waiting on the success). 😂

Fair to say….I’m a busy dude, but that’s just the way I like it. 

However, no matter how busy life gets I always remember what is most important….my health! 

How useless I would be if a was dead 💀

The World is full of opportunities, but to take advantage we need a baseline of fitness.

Fitness has always payed an important role in my life. Boxing was my first major sport and one that I competed in until I found girls. Following boxing it was rugby. However, one constant was always running and weightlifting. 

No matter what sport I was competing in, if any at the time, I would always maintain my training consistency with running and weightlifting. 

And this is where I am at now. I do not compete in any sports. Personally I do not see the point if I am not being paid to do so. 

All that I do now for my health and fitness is maintain a well rounded diet through healthy recipes, lift weights 3/4 times a week and fit in a couple of small runs. Although, I am starting to dabble in my adventurous sports like climbing 🧗‍♀️  

I do not want to be jacked or ripped, neither do I want to be an ultra runner. I just want to be fit and healthy, training whilst also looking after my body. 

Really, I only have one aim for my body…to be able to run around with my great grand children when I’m 85. 

What good are we to our family if we’re imovile or worse?

I can’t show you how to be a bodybuilder or physique athlete….because I’m not one myself. I have the knowledge on how to achieve those figures and gains in size but it just has too much of an impact on personal lives. 

What I can show you is this

  1. How to achieve a great level of health and fitness without taking too much time away from your families. 
  2. How to grow your confidence, improve your energy levels, shed fat, and build muscle whilst still enjoying your treats, takeaways and beers. 

Fitness doesn’t have to be difficult. Abs don’t have to be at the sacrifice of a lifestyle of enjoyment. 

So please, stay with me and join me on this journey to being the best Dad’s possible. Fit, healthy and present. 

Dad-bods don’t have to be a thing! 


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