Are Fitness Models Healthy?

Now…this is a little bug’bare of mine – the actual health of the so-called fitness models that spread our magazines. These fitness models get paid and rewarded to front the fitness industry, the industry that so many men rely on to provide honest and accurate advice on training and improving health. 

Obviously though, before we get into this blog, I cannot speak for all fitness models. I can only speak and provide my opinion from my knowledge and experience of the fitness industry – which should be enough to give you an idea! 

The short answer to the question? Most fitness models are not very healthy at all. Most of the fitness models we see are sub-10% body fat and using steroids. I hope that this doesn’t come as a surprise to you! 

I know, how hypocritical! But unfortunately it is true. Rarely, will you see a fitness model that is not using steroids. If you think practically, for this fitness model that relies on sponsors and magazine covers, they will do whatever it takes to pay their bills….often with a little injection in the bum! 


And then we come onto their amount of body fat. Often at around single figures (<10%), sitting at this level of body fat is not healthy. It requires significant effort and has a negative effect of both your body and mind. I mean, how fun can it really be to get that lean? I’ve tried getting there before and it just took all the fun out of life. (Not an exaggeration at all) 

The fitness industry as we know it can no longer be trusted, unfortunately. The industry is not about ‘fitness’, it’s about sexy body’s and revenue. If it was about fitness then we would see runners, triathletes, yoga experts and everyday people on our covers.

Not unhealthy fitness models. 

So, if you want to be ripped and a slave to the fitness industry, then go ahead and follow them. However, if you want to be healthy then don’t even bother looking at these fitness models. Odds are that you’re already more healthy than them. 


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