Can Fitness Be A Hobby?

I’m addressing this question as apparently it’s a common one for google. Can fitness be a hobby? 

Well, I don’t know who is asking this question on google but I can only imagine their position. They love fitness, the love exercising, and any spare minutes are spent doing some form of fitness related training. Also, they spend so much time doing it that they’re questioning whether they have any hobbies, or whether fitness can be that hobby. 

I know how you feel. Let’s start by looking at the description of a hobby;

‘an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure’

That’s pretty unanimous to me. From the official definition of a ‘hobby’, it is easy to say that of course fitness can be a hobby. A lot of us who train do it because we enjoy it. We do not get paid to train (not all of us) so it always done in our leisure time for pleasure. 

In conclusion – say it loud and say it proud. FITNESS IS MY HOBBY! 

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