Daddy’s Diaries: Day 2

First full day completed including last night. I feel like we’ve hit a lot success today, and with every passing minute it feels like we’re getting to know Roan even more. The more we know him, the easier it should be to keep him happy 😃….hopefully! 

I don’t know how long this will last but I am passed tired. Last night we was up between 10 and 12 times. Not always for feeds, but mainly because we’re currently either panicking or in awe of every sounds he makes ❤️

Either way, we feel like his first night went very well and, other than 1 or 2 short events, he spent all night in his Moses basket next to our bed.

The day has been incredible and each nappy change gets fastest and slicker. We’re like Formula 1 put crews in training! 

Also, today we had the midwifes visit to check in on everything. They went through a short set of questions with Elle, checked over the baby completely, and then gave us some information on everything from feeding to registering the north. In conclusion though, their visit was very beneficial. The next, however, is for the heel prick test – we’re not looking forward to that! 

Lying here in bed at the end of Day 2, here’s a couple of things that I learnt;

  1. It is so easy to over complicate bottle feeding and sterilising. It turns out that you don’t have to wash, sterilise, boil water, wait for it to cool to 70 degrees etc for every bottle! You are ale to prep bottles in advance. For more on this, I got the conformation from [holly book]
  2. Roan hates showing his legs! Whenever we expose his legs to the air when changing him, he screams like a banshee. 
  3. It’s important for us parents to nap too. Baby does not know enough to care about when he is active. So sleep whenever you can in line with when he is sleeping. 

Thanks for reading 💎

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