Daddy’s Diaries: Day 3

Elle and I are sure that his appearance is changing day by day. The in-laws even mentioned that his face is starting to look more like mine than Elle’s…poor boy! Now this may just be psychological but it is still pretty cool. 

He slept very well last night. Every 2-3 hours he was awake for numerous reasons, be that a feed or a nappy change. However, when he was out he was out…and so were we! Sleep is starting to become more familiar again. 

Sleep is familiar, but routine? Not so much! Apparently this is a common theme with newborns, they sleep throughout the day (when Mum was active) and then awake at the parents bedtime (when Mum stops moving).

Here’s my mistake from today. Making a bottle without shaking the formula through. 😂 I get the prepped bottle (sterilised with fresh boiling water (now at room temperature)), add the formula, screw on the top and give it to Elle. 

It doesn’t take her long to call me up on my mistake that the bottle is just water and powder. 

Everyday is a school day, especially as new parents 😝❤️

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