My Fitness Vision

I have been training most of my life. I started boxing at a young age and carried on with this until my teenage years, where I then finished to chase girls and a social life. After boxing I started playing rugby – this was great for fitness but awful for longevity. Then, when I met Elle in 2010, I started spending most of my ‘training’ time in the gym at work. My diet was awful but I continued to build muscle. 

Anyway, I have been through a few different forms of training with multiple goals. Even to the point where I was so serious about my aesthetics and ‘fitness model’ body that I’d be eating cold chicken and potatoes, or cold chicken and cold porridge out on site….IN THE WINTER! What a load of shit. 

But now my fitness vision is Longevity. Put simply, I want to be able to run around and have adventures with my great grand children when I’m 90. That is the goal, bud! 


Aesthetically Pleasing Beach Body 

Obviously, I still want to be in shape. I want to continue to build muscle, maintain a healthy level of body fat, and look after my joints by limiting impact and heavy loads. Also, Elle still needs to be interested in me. And frankly, I like having a good body. I like the feeling of being toned and looking healthy – it makes me feel very good and holds a good level of confidence. 


My joints are not the best. I have ruptured my posterior cruciate ligament in my left knee and have had my left shoulder dislocate 5 times. Naturally my frame is very small and joints are very thin. Therefore, it’s important that I continue to look after these. I will do this be avoiding excessive loads, avoid heel striking when I run, and avoiding unnecessary impacts on my joints. 



I have no interest in being super strong – what’s the point? I am not a naturally strong person, I know this. Therefore, I feel that there is no point in me trying to be strong. I can lift my own body weight and that is enough. If I am strong enough to get through life then that’s good enough for me. My only concern is that as I age I am able to maintain my independence. 


I want to be fit and healthy through life. Yes, there are times when I prioritise my aesthetics too much, and I need to work on this to get myself back on track. I want my body to be able to carry me through the many adventures that are to come in my life. I don’t want to suffer from illness and I don’t want my strength or endurance levels to effect my levels of adventure. 

There is more that I need to do, with the next step where I am going to try vegan diets. I need to work on my flexibility, also. All of this is to come and all within my scope. I just need to develop the plan and get to work. 


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