Our Nursery is Complete

Boo’yah! Nursery = ✅

Saturday 23rd February 2019, Elle and I went shopping for the final requirement in our preparations for the baby, and completion of the nursery – the Moses Basket! 

First stop was Mamas&Papas in Cardiff as we already knew that they had a great selection of Moses baskets, with that all-important ‘modern’ touch. Also, grey was a preferred colour. 

It didn’t take us long to see the one we wanted (pictured above) along with the rocking stand. One problem though, it was out of stock and not due in until July 😂 WTF?!?! JULY!?! That is some serious supply chain issue! 

Anyway, the amazing staff at Mamas&Papas Cardiff allowed us to purchase their display Moses basket along with the stand. Phew!

We didn’t quite realise at the time, but when we got home we noticed that they grey of the basket matches our armchair perfectly, and the lighter grey of the stand is an exact match to the nursery furniture. Call that JUDGEMENT…not luck 😘💯

Now that the Moses basket is in place we are all ready for the arrival! There’s still approximately 7 weeks to go at the time of writing this blog, so we’ve made it in plenty of time.

To find out the rest of our Nursery contents, please check this blog!

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