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5-Exercise Full Body Workout

Your busy, I get it. Maybe you can only get to the gym a couple of times a week. DON’T WORRY, THIS IS FINE 💯 Two, maybe three visits at the gym per week is plenty to activate muscular, strength and fitness improvements. The best way? Full body workouts.  Now, anybody...
Hello and welcome to my blog 😃 I am a new father, born 1st April 2019, and started my blog as a creative outlet and opportunity to discuss pregnancy, becoming a parent, and how I am trying to maintain my fitness levels around our new baby. I know of plenty of fathers that were once in physically great condition, before slowly entering the realms of pizza, box sets and dad’bods. ❗️🧐 I am hoping to share my knowledge and experience with readers on parenting, training, and nutrition! 💪🏼💎 I hope my content is helpful to you 😘📝 ©