Happy days….I recently took delivery of my new pair of VIVOBAREFOOT Primus Trail FG (firm ground). Since Elle binned my Primus Lites 6 months ago (they stunk) I have been training in an old pair of Nike Pegasus trainers. As a result of this disaster, I haven’t been completing any long distance runs as I didn’t want be changing the way that I ran. 

However, this crisis is NO MORE! My new VIVOs have arrived and I am one happy man 😝

Unboxing the Primus Trail FGs I had more excitement than when I originally unboxed my first pair if VIVOs, the Primus Lite. This was because I knew what was to come. I knew how the trainers would allow me to get back into my running and how they can enable me to feel more primal, unleashing the feeling of barefoot running.

(If you do not know what I mean by ‘barefoot’ running, check out my blog on what it means to run ‘barefoot’ in minimalist trainers – Stop Jogging Start Running 🧐

On initial thoughts I am impressed and excited. A sleek black/grey colour scheme with some fancy speed lace thingies and an ideal amount of tread!

Tread – the one thing that I was missing from my Primus Lites. Anything other than dry ground and indoors and they’re no good, but that’s my fault and not the trainers. The Lites are designed for indoor training or road running. 

So, back to the Primus Trail FG. 

As soon as I put them on I remembered why I loved VIVOBAREFOOT so much. It wasn’t as much of the ‘barefoot’ sensation through the sole but more of the freedom felt in the feet. The wide ends of the trainers allow your feet and toes to act as they naturally wish. There are no restrictions, no manipulation. 

My first run back in the VIVOs was a simple one – HIIT on the treadmill. 15 seconds on, 45 seconds off at a ‘reasonable’ pace. This run was not to improve fitness or speed, it was purely to reintroduce my feet to VIVOs again. I knew that for this I had to take my time. 

I didn’t experience any issues from this session. No calf or achilles pain like when I first trained in VIVOs. 

So, so far so good. 

Since that first session last week I have also completed a short 1.5 mile run at an easy pace. Now, however, I have significant calf sensitivity. Nothing serious or immediate, nothing signifying an injury, just good old sensitivity from muscle breakdown of which I have not used since my last run in VIVOs. Nothing I wasn’t expecting. 

Overall, I’m very happy to be back in VIVOBAREFOOT. I’ll keep you updated with how the training is going 😃

Also guys, if you’d like to see what VIVOBAREFOOT is all about they have great content on their website explaining their vision, and all of the science behind their designs 😊 CLICK HERE TO CHECK THEM OUT.