I am going to make a prediction and will be publishing it for records. The prediction? In 50 years there will no longer be ‘Men’ walking the planet. Male humans will be…but they won’t be Men as we know it, they’ll just be large boys! 

Every now and then, on social media, I see the memes like below which highlight how men have changed in the recent past. When our grandfathers were 16 they were either going to war or working underground mining for coal. Now though, 16 year olds are broadcasting their emotions and asking for their ‘safe spaces’. SAFE SPACE! When the fuck did this become a thing? 

It’s not just children and teenagers that get their safe spaces though, they’ve been implemented into Universities as well. We can no longer accept being disciplined, or even, to that fact, having somebody disagree with our opinion. 

This really frustrates me! Get on Amazon Prime and watch some Vikings or War films…this, in my opinion, is how Men should be. Strong, violent when needed, and able to protect their families and communities with brute force. Not ‘pouting’ into a selfie camera. 

Let’s clear one thing up, though – I really appreciate men who talk about their struggles with mental illnesses. This is great and should be continued. However, talking about their ‘feelings’ and ‘emotions’ is a little soft…in my opinion. 

Now, I am not saying all of this for no reason. There is a purpose. Who the fuck is going to protect us in 50 years time when another World War breaks out, or the aliens come knocking to take some of our resources? This is when we’ll need men! Not bitches asking for their safe spaces. The aliens will just roll on the floor laughing. 

The time will come when all men are told to sign up for National Service. This could be for terrorism reasons or the anticipated Water War. What the fuck are we going to be able to offer our country? 

This brings me onto the beauty of aggression. 

Outright aggression – controlled or uncontrolled – is beautiful. We’ve seen it with elite soldiers or even wild animals. When their family is in danger a switch in their mind flips and they become savages. Unstoppable, direct, and committed to a cause or objective.  

Now, yes there are times when aggression can be a horrible things…especially uncontrolled. Terrorism is a form of aggression that is horrible, and hurting innocent people is always going to be wrong. Please don’t think that I support this behaviour. 

The only point that I am trying to make is….WHO THE FUCK IS GOING TO PROTECT US WHEN THE NEXT WAR OR ALIENS COME KNOCKING? I completed Basic Training for the British Army in 2012 and it was relatively challenging. However, it was nowhere as difficult as I thought it was going to be. This is because my brother had completed 7 years prior to myself and had had a much tougher time. 

I know a bloke who recently completed Basic Training in 2018 and his story was completely different from mine. Minimal days spent in the field, being pulled from exercise because it was too cold, even being monitored to ensure they got enough sleep! I’m sorry…I don’t think that this is how War works. You can’t ask the enemy to leave you alone because you need a nap, and they certainly won’t ‘support you through your difficult times’. 

The Country needs to get a grip and allow men to be men. Stop smothering them, and allow them to grow into the soldiers of tomorrow.