What We Do

We believe a true test of physical strength is the ability to lift your own body weight. We do this in numerous ways whilst practising Callisthenics – from muscle ups to hand stand push ups.

You can’t master personal fitness without hard work. The sand dunes is nothing short of that. Team dune sprints will enhance your cardio game beyond recognition. 

Balance and Agility are two of the 7 fundamentals of fitness. They not only allow you to move better in training and sports, but also aid you in preventing injuries.

Excessive comfort can weaken us. Our lives today are characterised by making things more comfortable. We at TGMM flip this on its head and practices hardship with purpose.

Nothing fosters cooperation between lads quite so much as when you’re sharing a burden. Blow the cobwebs out with the Para style log carry session. 

We rely on others for everything including our food and water. Learn where to find your own from the fat of the land as you run through the Welsh hills with your mates