Will A Baby Affect My Training?

Stating this blog I had one main focus – to show all fathers and guardians out there that it is still possible to be fit, healthy, and confident whilst raising a child. Obviously, talk is cheap as I do not have a child, yet – so the other focus on the blog is to document how having a baby will effect my training, health, confidence etc. 

The baby is due in 9 weeks and his impact on my training is already evident. My fitness levels have not gone down, in fact they’ve probably gone up. Confidence is still at a good level, but if I am honest, my whole training methodology has changed. 

Up until 2 weeks ago, as you would know, I was always about building muscle and being healthy – actively ‘lean bulking’ for the majority of the year. However, now I do not have any interest in that – for a few reasons;

Free time hasn’t changed too much, yet. Obviously it will massively when the baby is born but for now it hasn’t changed dramatically. I have been putting more time into my business, as now I have even more of a reason to be successfully with it, but ultimately I am still getting the same amount of training time each day. 

However, I’m not stupid or naive. I know that when the baby is here and I’ve been at work all day whilst Elle has been on her own with the baby, I am not going to want to stop at the gym for an hour on the way home from work. I am going to want to get home as quickly as possible to spend time with my family and relieve Elle of her duties. 

My time is no longer my time. It is my families time and I want to spend it as well as possible to benefit my family as greatly as possible. So, gone are the constant 60 minute weight lifting sessions. Welcome to the 20-30 minute circuit, bodyweight, callisthenics, tabata inspired sessions. Short and sweet! 

We all know that ‘bulking’ isn’t exactly healthy. Constantly consuming excessive levels of calories, snacking too often, consuming too much fat. Also, when I bulk I do relax a little and consume more sugary treats – why not, I’m bulking anyway!?! 

Ultimately, what is it all for? Is my child going to care whether I’m 90kgs or 80kgs? No! But he will care about how long I am alive for, how active I am with his energy levels, how fast I can run, how playful I am. You see, bulking does not necessarily benefit any of these points. 

I consider myself to be healthy, and a lot of people agree, but I want to be very healthy! I want constant high levels of energy to interact with my child. I do not want injuries or illnesses. 

Ahh….the aesthetics. How good do I look? Frankly, at present I do not have much concern for this. This may be due to my mindset change with the expectant fatherhood duties, it may just be temporary – I’ll just have to wait and see. Ultimately, though, I just want to look lean and healthy. Proportions, size etc doesn’t bother me much. 


Put frankly, our baby has affected my training already…but for the better! Plus, he’s not even born yet so who knows the level of impact that he will have. 

I am not worried, I am just going with the flow. I have always said that trust your gut and listen to your body. Train how it wants to train, love how it wants to live, and at the moment my body is telling me to focus more on my health, wellbeing, and time-saving bodyweight workouts, and leave my ego and thirst for size outside in the cold and wet! 

Has your child effected your training? I’d love to hear about it! 


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