Before we get into this blog, here are a few facts from NHS England to consider;

Figures from NHS England –

Yes, that’s right. 26% of adults are classed as a obese and and 1 in 5 of year 6 children the same. That’s ridiculous. Not only are adults incapable of looking after themselves they appear to be incapable of keeping their children fit, healthy, and NOT OBESE!

Obviously there will be medical conditions in these figures, that’s fair enough….a viable reason.

However, the problem is still there staring us in the face. We have so many people in the country that are severely overweight. Overweight to the point where their lives are in danger. WHAT THE FUCK! I just don’t understand how people get themselves in these positions….or quite strangely, why they don’t care?

Maybe it’s the norm now. Maybe ‘average’ means overweight and unhealthy? I don’t know…

Let’s take a look at another issue. Another way that people demonstrate their inability to respect or appreciate their ONLY BODY…..drugs!

So yes, drugs are a problem also – and these figures are just from the NHS…what they’re aware of. This doesn’t include the hundreds of thousands of people that take recreational drugs on weekends or a boat load of steroids in order to get lean for Ibiza!

People can do what they want, it’s there bodies – but I just don’t understand why they would want to damage their only one body like that.

This next piece of information may shock you severely; WE ONLY HAVE ONE BODY 😮 If you already knew that then great, but I can’t help but feel that there must be a lot of people who haven’t quite discovered this. Maybe they think that when the time comes and their bodies are fucked they can just hit ‘respawn’ and start all over.

There is nothing greater than our bodies. If I made a robot that could move individual fingers, digest food, jump and land etc people would be fucking amazed! They’d think that it was the best thing since sliced bread..yet their bodies can already do this! People give more time and care to cars than they do their own bodies. They’ll happily spend shit loads on a lease and then live off fucking super noodles. I’m sorry but it just doesn’t make sense to me.

Their is no better asset or machine than your body – and if you treat it right it could last you a lot longer that most of these expensive gadgets.

Ultimately, the reason is that our bodies are taken for granted and under appreciated. A lot of us may hate the idea of running, but if I took away the ability of your legs and you had to live out of a wheelchair I am sure that you’d be wishing you could run again.

Please, appreciate your body a little more than you do. Or if you already do, then please share this message with a friend. Your body is amazing but we all take the piss and don’t appreciate it enough. Your body is the one thing keeping you alive. Your health decides on whether you live or die, whether you have a happy and mobile life or a lonely and bed bound life.

Just start appreciating it more!

If you need any guidance on where to start I would LOVE you to get in touch. Please, reach out and together we can become happier and healthier.